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Middle School Celebrates Science                             
Posted 05/04/2018 08:00AM

Students displayed dozens of innovative projects during the Middle School's annual Celebration of Science on Friday, April 27 in Doc Wilson Hall.

The event showcased projects that students completed as part of their science curriculum throughout the year. Students gave demonstrations and answered questions from families, teachers and other students.

Several projects were designed to illustrate Newton's Laws of Motion. As part of the eighth grade science curriculum, students prepared a demonstration and poster designed to teach younger students about one of the laws. Students' demonstrations included Rube Goldberg machines, mini-hovercrafts made from CDs, and a variety of car crashes, rocket launches, and skateboarding events.

Fifth graders created projects that highlighted their favorite unit of study from this year. After choosing their topic, the young scientists presented their research and evidence in ways that reflected their scientific interest and personal creativity. The projects included an "Eye-musement Park," handmade spectroscopes, and a diorama of layers of the ocean and ocean life.

Sixth graders followed the steps of the Scientific Method in order to solve a problem they chose to investigate. Each student conducted research, developed a hypothesis, designed an experimental procedure, collected data, analyzed the results, and drew conclusions.

Experiments were conducted in such fields as biology, botany and chemistry. The sixth graders were responsible for displaying their comprehensive work on a visually appealing tri-board. Among the questions explored were how one's zodiac sign affects compatibility with others, how various distractions affect a person's driving ability, what types of materials decompose the fastest, and how meditation affects memory.

As a final project for Life Science class, seventh graders chose an organism as their topic. This organism could be real or imagined, such as a Demogorgon (a mysterious spirit or deity), a "walrose" (a combination of a walrus and a horse), or mythical fairies. The students then created a scientific poster, a nature documentary and a costume to feature their organism. During the course of their project, the seventh graders researched and interviewed scientists studying similar organisms.

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