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Eighth Graders' Creative Talents Featured at Expo
Posted 05/18/2018 07:00AM

Students performed original songs and dramatic scenes and read original poetry before an enthusiastic crowd of families at the Eighth Grade Arts Expo on Wednesday, May 16 in Doc Wilson Hall.

The Expo was a culmination of the learning that has taken place this year in music, drama, humanities and art. Adorning the walls of the hall were creative mixed-media posters and vinyl record covers created by the eight student bands that performed during the event.

The groups and their songs were:

"X-Dreams," performed by Zer0.1ne: Kira Ratan, Olive Saraf, Kwynne Schlossman, Lily Schwarcz, Sophia Van Beek, Alexa Wachen and Stella Zinaman;

"Darlin,' " performed by The Spades: Jack Kenna, Josh Lebowitz, Aidan McLaren, Sander Peters, Oliver Peterson, Robert Quigley, Oscar Sant'Anna and Noah Whitney;

"Beat of My Heart,"  performed by Belle Âme: Daniela Batista, Talia Cohen, AJ Halpern, Charlotte Hazen, Maia Keller, Ella Mathas and Phoebe Radke;

"Expo," performed by Crash and Burn: Andrew Han, Jason Campbell, Jackson Manfredi, Daniel Medina, Demetrios Moutsatsos, Samuel Max Peters, Denis Sadrijaj and Sundar Thomas;

"Joe Biden," performed by The Boys Who Cry: Amechi Aduba, Mac Alexander, Tiago Brousset, Donovan Fay, Dell Hallock, Adyn Lavine, Avery Sheindlin and Massimo Tozzi;

"Spaced Out," performed by LiftOff: Blu Gantcher, Avery Jones, Grace Kotchen, Ava Lederman, Julia Orton, Isabella Shinkar, Alexandra Sinel and Celia Torino;

"Avalanche of Life,"  performed by VTFL: Finn Alexander, Caleb Armstrong, Nathaniel Dyott, Clyde Lederman, Isaac Leff, Aidan Lothian, Max Onorato and Ethan Schlapp.

"Broken," performed by Metamorphosis: Lia Alfandary, Lauren Duncan, Louisa Eaton, Annie Fabian, Nathalie Heath, Rowan McWhinnie and Grace Radonis.

The bands' spirited performances were interspersed with poetry readings by Adyn Lavine, AJ Halpern, Mac Alexander, Blu Gantcher, Donovan Fay, Phoebe Radke, Daniela Batista, Annie Fabian, Ethan Schlapp, Alexa Wachen, Grace Radonis, Finn Alexander and Sander Peters.

The young poets read their works with feeling and confidence, and the audience responded with sustained applause.

Audience members also responded enthusiastically to the drama portion of the program. Sander Peters and Robert Quigley performed a scene from Social Life, while Jason Campbell, Isaac Leff, Max Onorato and Samuel Max Peters performed two scenes from Movies.

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