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Duo Records Album for Senior Project
Posted 06/14/2018 08:00AM

Class of 2018 members Miranda Luiz and Eamon Pearson teamed up to produce an album, From Lawns to Lightyears, for their senior project. The duo utilized the recording studio in the Fonseca Center. 

"The idea for the album came from a curiosity surrounding mixed media art," Luiz said. "There was a desire to cross the boundaries of various art forms — such as poetry and music — to create one collaborative piece."

As the year wore on, the album started to take shape. 

"The album grew through a series of jam sessions, recording sessions and editing sessions in the studio," Luiz said. "The album features many of our peer artists, some from Masters, and some from other countries. We wanted to showcase the talents of our classmates and friends by broadcasting their voices, poems and ideas. While the album is entirely unfinished, we are glad to present to the community what the artistic process is like for two seniors in high school."

You can listen to the album down below:

49 Clinton Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 479-6400

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