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Students Celebrate at Hindu Festival
Posted 05/11/2017 02:00PM

The DESI Club sponsored a trip to Governors Island on May 6 to participate in Holi, a Hindu festival of colors that celebrates diversity and the arrival of spring.

More than 20 students joined the club advisors, Hirni and Bhavin Patel and Rachel and Ravi Katkar, on the trip to the island, located in New York Harbor.

“During the Holi festival, people of all ages, races and religions came together in song and dance (and lots of food) to celebrate the arrival of spring and spray each other with colored powder,” Mr. Patel says. “Our students participated in the Holi celebration with complete enthusiasm. Club co-presidents Victoria Graziosi ’17 and Riya Nakum ’17 ensured that it was an experience that no one will forget.”

Adds Mr. Patel: “To be fortunate enough to have Manhattan, a part of the most diverse city in the world, as the backdrop for this auspicious event is just one of the many things that make Masters the special place that it is.”

The DESI Club celebrates South Asian culture. Desi is a short form of the word Pardesi, which refers to people living away from their homeland – the Indian subcontinent – as well as to their culture and products, according to Mr. Patel.

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