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Diversity & Inclusion Expert Leads Professional Day
Posted 12/01/2017 08:00AM

Dr. Derrick Gay, an internationally recognized consultant on issues of diversity, inclusion and global citizenship, facilitated a thought-provoking program during the faculty and staff professional development day on November 27.

“Today’s professional development day was a great collaborative effort that I was happy to be a part of,” Karen Brown, Masters’ Director of Equity and Inclusion, said after the daylong program. “At Masters, we are a diverse group: we reside in various cities and neighborhoods throughout the Tri-State area, originate from different states and countries, come from a variety of racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds – all of us with unique personal narratives and perspectives that shape who we are individually and as a school community.” 

“I wanted someone who could connect and collaborate with us all and provide a solid foundation that we could build upon,” said Ms. Brown, who arranged Dr. Gay’s visit. “Who better than Derrick Gay, who came widely recommended by various educators and administrators as well as other diversity practitioners? I am looking forward to continuing the many conversations that were started today.”

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