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Seventh Grade Exhibits Sculptures
Posted 03/09/2018 07:00AM

An exhibit of inventive functional structures – sculptures with moving parts – created by seventh graders is on display on the second floor of the Middle School.

The students created sketches and drawings of each of the 17 structures and built cardboard prototype sculptures of them. They worked together in groups to build the structures this past trimester, says Middle School art teacher Vicente Saavedra. 

The sculptures are based on space travel and exploration themes. They include: 

Time Switcharoo – a time machine that uses eco-friendly energy.

MC Blowee – a machine that turns carbon dioxide into oxygen in outer space, eliminating the need for space helmets.

Camouflage – a device that hides a spaceship via “camouflaging gas.”

Dirt-E – a dirt sifter. “It can fly around space and collect rocks from different environments and bring them back into a satellite nearby.”

R.P.S. – a rocket propulsion system.

Solar Explorer – a machine that moves spacecraft around and powers a camera and lights.

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