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Engineering & Robotics Team Wins Championship
Posted 03/09/2018 07:00AM

The Zetetics Engineering and Robotics Team Squad B won the Southern New York State VEX Robotics Championship at the Harvey School on March 4. The win qualifies the squad for the 2018 VEX World Championship, a first for a Masters team. 

Squad B prevailed on the winning three-team alliance after being ranked the #1 team of 51 overall in the qualifying matches, going on an undefeated 8-0 winning streak. 

At the tournament, Squad B was led by Teddy Hoisington and included Zach Battleman and Alex Feiner, along with Middle School intern Silas Rosenfeld. 

The win didn't come without a struggle, with an extremely close set of games in the semifinal.

"Everyone on the team gave it their all and it paid off with an excellent performance at the championship," said captain Teddy Hoisington. "My four years in robotics have been incredibly rewarding, and we're so excited to win a spot at the VEX Robotics World Championship -- a Masters first!"

The team's Squad A also put on a strong showing at the tournament, making it to Southern New York State event after winning the Excellence Award at the Freeport VEX Robotics Qualifier on February 3. 

Squad A, led by Louisa Chiodo, included Cole Feuer as the alternate captain, as well as Brandon Zazza and Middle School interns Ella Dundas, Theo Mayer and Rebecca Troy.

The 2018 VEX World Championship will be held April 25-28 in Louisville, KY.

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