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Much has been written in both the education and business worlds on the skills required for today’s children to become effective citizens, workers and leaders in the rapidly changing 21st century. The successful 21st century citizen will be nimble of thought, open to new ideas and the possibilities of new technologies, able to collaborate with people from many different backgrounds and above all, able to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

At Masters, we recognize how life today requires far more than content knowledge alone, much of which is now easily accessible online. Working around a Harkness table is one crucial way that our students learn the importance of engaging in discourse with a group, thinking critically, creatively, and collaboratively, all while being faced with a multitude of different opinions. At Masters, teachers present students with possibilities and ask them to do the hard work of coming to their own conclusions. Gathered around the Harkness table, students also develop outstanding listening skills and the confidence to speak with clarity and nuance. Regardless of college track or professional field – these talents and skills are critical to future achievement and success.

Perhaps the most important skill Masters’ students graduate with is the ability and independence to teach themselves and to adapt. The Harkness method is the ideal classroom format for achieving these goals. 

US News

A Masters team, one of only two teams selected to represent the United States in the fourth annual International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C), has been named a Meritorious winner.

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