Dobbs Alumnae/i Association

Welcome to the Dobbs Alumnae/i Association! Masters enthusiastically welcomes and seeks alumnae/i involvement. From organizing social and educational programs to supporting fundraising efforts and lending their knowledge and expertise to strategic initiatives, our alumnae/i contribute actively and substantively to the life of the School.

All Masters graduates are automatically members of the Dobbs Alumnae/i Association. Our mission is to make the School continually meaningful in the lives of its graduates, to foster relationships among alumnae/i, faculty, and students, and to encourage and facilitate alumnae/i interest and involvement in supporting the mission of the School.

The Alumnae/i Board is the governing body of the of the Dobbs Alumnae/i Association, comprised of volunteers elected annually by the Association. Its purpose is to promote today’s Masters through a deep knowledge of its strengths and to continually reinforce ties with our alumnae/i through outreach, Reunions, and other events and programs. The Alumnae/i Board serves as a resource to all alumnae/i for networking, support, and friendship and encourages active participation in the life and goals of the School through volunteerism and financial support.

Meet the members of the 2017-2018 Alumnae/i Board here:

DAVID HEIDELBERGER, President, Nominating Committee Chair

Class of 2001, Delta
Alumnae/i Board Member since 2005
Video Editor, New York, NY

“Masters is essential to who I am. From friends to life lessons and skills for my career today, so many roads lead back to Masters. I want others to have as positive an experience as I did.”

SUJATA ADAMSON-MOHAN JAGGI, Vice President, Fundraising Committee Chair

Class of 2001, Delta
Alumnae/i Board Member since 2012
Public Relations Professional, New York, NY

“When I think of Masters and my experiences there as both a student and as a faculty and staff member, the word leadership comes to mind. It is a place that fosters and promotes taking on challenges, trying new things, exploring, and using all of those moments and experiences to become a versatile leader.”

HANNAH J. MILLER, Secretary, Events Committee Chair

Class of 2010, Delta
Alumnae/i Board Member since 2015
Law Student (WUSTL School of Law), St. Lous, MO 

"To me, Masters is an intellectual and creative space where students flourish into exceptional individuals who offer their unique perspectives to and effect positive change in the world. Masters played an integral role in forming me into the person I am today, and it will always hold a special place in my heart."

ELLIE COLLINSON, Volunteer Engagement Committee Chair

Class of 1998
Alumnae/i Board Member since 2016
Nonprofit Professional, Washington, D.C.


Class of 1984, Phi
Alumnae/i Board Member since 2014
Instructional Designer for Online Learning, Concord, MA

“Dobbs was the place that supported me in figuring out who I was and who I wanted to become.  In both my personal and professional life, I carry the things that I learned there with me and use them every day.  I am always proud to be part of this community.  My daughter attended CITYterm and she feels the same way.”


Class of 1984, Delta
Alumnae/i Board Member since 2007
Construction Project Manager, Seattle, WA

“Dobbs changed my life and made me who I am today. I cannot imagine who or what I would be if I had not gone to Dobbs and know specifically that the confidence and drive that have helped me to succeed as a woman in a man’s field are the result of the education I received.”


Class of 1998
Financial Planner, Syracuse, NY


Class of 1970, Phi
Alumnae/i Board Member since 2001
Retired Attorney, Rye, NY

“Dobbs gave me lifelong friendships and a lifelong love of learning. There, I was taught the importance of giving back and developed a love of singing, New York City, of continually broadening my horizons.”


Coming Soon


Class of 2001, Delta
Alumnae/i Board Member since 2012
Marketing Professional, Boston, MA

“My time at Masters as a student has been a driving force in almost every aspect of my life since. That ‘do it with thy might’ attitude has enabled me to take full advantage of every opportunity and challenge presented to me.”


Class of 2007
Alumnae/i Board Member since 2014
Medical Student, Berkeley, CA


Class of 2002
Alumnae/i Board Member since 2017
Event Designer, Brooklyn, NY 


Class of 2003, Delta
Alumnae/i Board Member since 2012
Account Associate, Washington, DC

“Masters is an environment that always seems to elicit the best of the young men and women who walk through its doors.  I was fortunate to make friends from all walks of life, was challenged both in the classroom and on the athletic fields, and met faculty that I still confer with for advice.  I attribute a large portion of both my personal and professional success to the Masters community and am forever thankful.”


Class of 2000, Delta
Alumnae/i Board Member since 2004
Director of Annual Giving, Dobbs Ferry, NY

“When I think about my time at Masters, I am grateful for the teachers, coaches, and friends who encouraged me to grow as a student and a leader. As a staff member at Masters for the past seven years, I’ve had the pleasure of watching hundreds of other students experience the same sort of growth in our unique community.” 


Class of 1993
Teacher, Rabun Gap, GA

49 Clinton Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 479-6400

Do it with thy might

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