Innovation, Engineering & Entrepreneurship 

Innovation, Engineering and Computer Science Programs

Masters’ Innovation, Engineering and Computer Science Programs aim to cultivate ingenuity by challenging students to think creatively, strategize and problem-solve. Our goal is to encourage students to think, do and make, and to foster a cross-disciplinary, entrepreneurial thought process, while developing skills, ideas and character traits.

Through a project-based model, our students build confidence, accumulate hands-on experience, take risks, nurture unconventional talents and tackle real-life challenges.

Our hope is to ingrain in our students the capacity to think creatively and ambitiously, and arm them with the right set of skills to be able to successfully navigate the complex workforce they’ll face in the future.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center hosts programs on Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Computer Science and Zetetics.

Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship

In Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship, students learn the principles of “design thinking” with a focus on entrepreneurship as a “power for good in the world.” Design thinking is a human-centered approach to creativity and innovation that integrates the needs of society with the requirements for business success. Through dynamic Harkness discussions, students come to understand the mindset of entrepreneurs and how business can drive social change. Additionally, students explore the fundamental principles of finding inspiration, product/service creation and prototyping, implementation in the real world and small-business operational skills. 

Engineering Program

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center also hosts Masters’ Engineering Program.

Throughout a four-year curriculum, Masters students can earn college credits while they learn about the engineering design process and the common approach to solving engineering problems.

Through individual and collaborative hands-on activities and a project-based learning pedagogy, students solve open-ended problems that require planning, documentation, communication and other advanced professional skills.

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Zetetics is an academic enrichment program in both the Middle School and Upper School that focuses on interscholastic team competitions. Zetetics is not just math. While there are traditional math teams, most of the programs are interdisciplinary. Participation in competitive teams is by invitation, nomination or through an application and selection process. 


Recent Accomplishments

Quiz Bowl

  • Featured on MSG Varsity’s “The Challenge” quiz show -- 2013
  • Ranked 3rd in the National Academic Challenge, two other teams placed in the top 10% – 2014

Zetetics History Bowl

  •  Varsity Division Champions – 2017 Lower Hudson Valley History Bowl
  • Junior Varsity Champions – 2017 Hudson Valley History Bowl Championships
  • Finished 21st at the 2017 U.S. Championships of the National History Bowl

Zetetics Engineering and Robotics

  • Excellence Award for Best Overall Team – 2014
  • Tournament Champions: The Masters School/Glen Cove VRC – 2015
  • Tournament Champions: Harvey Winter Classic – 2016, 2017
  • Design Award for Best Engineering and Documentation – 2015, 2017
  • Judges’ Award: Massapequa VRC Qualifier - 2017
  • Innovate Award for ingenuity and innovation in robot design - 2017
  • Semifinalist in the Southern New York State VEX Robotics Championship - 2015, 2016
  • Finished 25th out of 400 teams at the 2016 CREATE U.S. Open National Robotics Championship
  • Honor Award at the 2017 CREATE U.S. Open National Robotics Championship

Zetetics Mathematical Modeling

  • Five consecutive years with at least one team placing in the top 15% of the Moody’s Mega Math (M3) Challenge, a national competition with more than 1,000 teams participating. In 2013 and 2017, teams placed in the top 10%.
  • Four consecutive years with at least one team placing in the top 25% of the High School Modeling Competition in Mathematics (HiMCM), an international competition with more than 900 schools participating. In 2013, 2016 and 2017, teams were named international finalist.

Zetetics Computer Science

  • Finalist in The Agile Youth Challenge – 2015
  • Best Screencast in The Agile Youth Challenge – 2017
  • Advanced to the CyberPatriot IX State Championships - 2017

Student Projects

Interactive Whiteboard

A glass overlay that will transform a flat-screen television into a whiteboard. This prototype can be easily retrofitted to transform the thousands of televisions currently on classroom walls into useable whiteboard space.

Project Aristotle

An online environment designed to algorithmically analyze a student’s educational ability and then provide personalized guidance on available and relevant digital instruction. The goal of “Project Aristotle” is to build a complex and curated digital system for educating students across the world - especially those in need of education.

Smart Dancer

A program called “Smart Dancer,” which can be used to create choreography for solo, duo, trio or group dance in three dimensions. Users can also edit video and music, and add theatrical effects.

Interactive Mirror

An interactive mirror that will enable users to access timely and relevant information from their bathroom mirror, and permit two-way communication with others.


Teams set out to answer the question, “Why don’t students use the expensive reusable water bottles that their parents bought for them?” The result of the research was the development of a new type of reusable bottle that met the design criteria.

Simple Soil Personal Composter

This team developed a residential composting system that fragments kitchen waste and composts, too. The entire system is solar powered and needs no human effort outside of loading the mincing hopper.


WePool is a mobile application for carpooling and ride-sharing within affinity groups rather than simply by location.

Purpose Fabrics

Established as a benefit corporation, Purpose Fabrics refurbishes used clothing and arranges individual pieces into personally stylized outfits. They offer the garments as a two-tiered subscription service and deliver them to customers on a monthly basis.


  • The National Academic Challenge
The National Academic Quiz Tournaments
The High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling
  • The Moody’s Mega Math Challenge
  • The Mandelbrot Competition
  • The New York Math League
  • VEX Robotics Competitions
  • The USAF Cyberpatriot Competition
  • Lockheed Martin’s Code Quest
St. Joseph’s College Coding Competition
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