A Message from the Head of Upper School

At The Masters School, we strive to live and teach according to our Mission Statement, which concludes “we gather to learn, to strive, to dare, to do – to be a power for good in the world.”

The Harkness table plays a prominent role in our educational philosophy and reflects our belief that learning is an experience created by the student in the company of classmates and teachers. We gather to learn – students interact and exchange ideas during class discussions, engage in meaningful and open dialogue, and develop the confidence to express their own views and the maturity to reflect on and reevaluate those views.

We recognize that our students are growing up in a world in which technological change is rapid, libraries of information are available instantly and wirelessly, individuals are increasingly mobile and social groups more and more diverse. The Masters School teaches the skills needed to thrive in this environment.

Our students develop a global outlook as they live and work with students from around the world with many different points of view and take advantage of travel opportunities. Around the Harkness table, students learn to communicate clearly and effectively. We also teach writing across all disciplines, from English to math. Our students learn how to problem-solve on their own and to work collaboratively in groups. We ask all of our students to be leaders both in and outside the classroom. Perhaps the most important skill our students learn is the ability and independence to teach themselves, along with the flexibility to evolve and grow in a dynamic environment.

At Masters, students learn to flourish in a rigorous academic environment in which they take intellectual risks and persevere. Our teachers ask our students to do more than memorize – we provide experiences that require students to practice being scientists, engineers, historians and authors. And we aim to keep our teaching focused on real-world issues that encourage our students to think widely about leadership, justice and how they can be powers for good locally and globally.

Matt Ives
Head of Upper School

49 Clinton Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 479-6400

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