Our Boarding Philosophy

The Masters School has a tradition of helping each of our students construct a distinctive, holistic and rewarding education both in and out of the classroom. The mission statement of our school promotes not only our students’ individual academic and co-curricular endeavors, but also the culture of respect, responsibility and integrity inherent in our boarding program. Our residential community embraces the backgrounds and perspectives of each student so that they may participate actively, understand deeply and connect meaningfully with one another.


The Residential Life program at The Masters School emphasizes principles that serve the health and wellness of our community and the individuals who belong to it. Our curriculum is based on the conviction that learning extends beyond the academic day and should include values and skills that are necessary to live in and maintain a strong, productive and ethical society. Through formal and informal programming, we design experiences that allow students to explore and solidify an understanding of our program values:


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Each of our values is directly reflected in one or more of our program goals. As the residential community of The Masters School, we gather to:

Experience and contribute to a safe community

A supportive and understanding community is built on active participation, a sense of belonging and mutual trust. Clear procedures, protocols and expectations ensure a safe and stable environment. A sense of collective responsibility arises as students form and appreciate healthy relationships with peers and adults.

Practice living independently in a healthy, resilient and joyful manner

We strive to complement Masters’ academic program by teaching boarding students essential life skills. We work to help students manage stress through proper nutrition, sleep and exercise, and maintaining clean living spaces. When students feel fulfilled and valued as individuals, they learn to maintain a sense of balance in their lives and be their best selves.

Support one another as we find the value in our voices

Every voice has value and our understanding of ourselves and our world is deepened by listening to the voices of others. We strive to build confidence in our students and empower them to use their voices to move our community forward. To help students find their voice and develop their sense of self, we provide forums in which they can try new things and learn from both accomplishment and failure.

Move outside of our comfort zones and appreciate the growth that comes from trying something new

We strive to create an environment where students can try new experiences, take risks, and learn the value of both failure and success. We encourage students to expand their cultural appreciation and understanding through a wide range of activities that take advantage of our proximity to New York City and our location in the Hudson Valley.

Develop empathy and cross-cultural understanding

We strive to cultivate the quality of compassionate curiosity by creating time and space for community members to listen intently to and be open with one another. Residential faculty members model empathy in their conversations with students and also provide students with opportunities to understand and value the perspectives of others. By challenging prejudices, discovering commonalities and appreciating differences among us, we create a more inclusive community.

Live a life of gratitude

In a community such as ours, each person makes a difference. We strive to help students choose to have that difference be positive, joyful and grateful. Living a life of gratitude is much more than saying “thank you.” We practice gratitude in both action and reflection, mindful of what is positive and important in our lives. By appreciating each other’s gifts and giving back through service to our community, we form a connection to something bigger than ourselves – and an understanding of why that matters.

Director of Residential Life

 Ms. Dena Torino 

49 Clinton Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 479-6400

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